Help bring safe and nutritious meals to every child in need.

The hunger crisis is massive. But together, we can solve it. Private donors cover our operating costs so whether you choose to join us by giving once or through Harvest of Hope, our community of monthly givers, know that 100% of your generosity will bring meals to families around the world.

Tonight, 1 in 6 kids in America could go to bed hungry.

You can provide healthy meals and transformative care for families in need

What you give today will help prevent Child Hunger in the lives of many tomorrow.

We're on a mission to #StopChild Hunger! Join our network of heroes and begin changing lives today.

Around 800 million people go to bed hungry every night many of them young children who lack basic access to nutritious food. We’re on a mission to change that.

We believe that sustainable work is locally-led. Along with implementing community-owned feeding projects, our local partners help facilitate comprehensive food rescue, food sorting, and feeding programs (Harvest of Hope) to protect children’s long-term health.

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YOU are the Change this year!

YOU are the
Change this year!

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Deadline Extended!

Feed Children Everywhere is counting on YOU to help us this GIVING TUESDAY, that’s why we’ve asked our partners to EXTEND their deadline of the 100%-MATCH offer for your next contribution. This offer is BIG and available till Giving Tuesday, so you need to act fast.
Your contribution will benefit Feed Children Everywhere and all the recipients that depend on our help.

Certified Website Of Feed Children Everywhere

Join the Movement to End Child Hunger: Your Donation Can Make a Life-Saving Difference! Help Feeding Children Everywhere Provide Nutritious Meals to Kids in Crisis Today.

Your contribution will benefit Feed Children Everywhere and all the recipients that depend on our help.

Empower Yourself to Make a Difference:
Be the Catalyst for Change this Year!

YOU are the
Change this year!

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Here are a few others ways you can get involved


Join the Fight Against Food Waste this Earth Day: Discover the Impact You Can Make and Help Build a Sustainable Future for All!


Get Creative and Change Lives: Support Hungry Children in a Fun and Unconventional Way!

Make a Lasting Impact: Just $30 Can Provide Nutritious Meals to a Child in Need for an Entire Year!

Experience how rescuing food is changing lives around the world.

Make Your Special Day Even More Meaningful: Request Donations in Honor of Your Birthday and Help Change Lives!


Help us solve the hunger problem by joining Reach Cause, our monthly giving community.

Make a Difference with Just One Click: Donate to Help End Child Hunger Today!

Be a Part of Something Bigger: Join the Fight Against Child Hunger and Make a Lasting Impact Today with Feeding Children Everywhere!

Sponsor an entire feeding project

Transform a Community with Your Generosity: For Just $10,000 or More, You Can Fully Fund a Life-Saving Feeding Project and Empower Families in Need!

Choose A Cause To Fund

Choose which cause you would like to support and make a contribution.

Keep the Spirit of Giving Alive: Help End Hunger Beyond Giving Tuesday

Child Hunger


Hunger Prevention

Water Wells

Arizona Child Hunger Relief Fund

Stand Up Against Child Hunger: Make a Difference in a Child's Life with Feeding Children Everywhere!

Be a Champion for Hunger Relief: Your Donation to Feeding Children Everywhere Can Help Provide Nutritious Meals Year-Round and Reduce Food Waste. Join Our Cause Today!

Join Our Mission to Save Young Lives: Your Support Can Help Prevent Tragic Losses and Build a Brighter Future for Children Everywhere!

Break the Cycle of Hunger and Malnutrition: Your Donation Can Help Give Children in Poverty a Chance at a Healthy Future. Support Our Cause Today!

Join Our Giving Community

Discover the Power of Your Support: See How Your Donation to Feeding Children Everywhere Can Help Change Lives and Transform Communities!

YOU are the Change this year!

Join Our Fight Against Child Hunger: With Your Support, Feeding Children Everywhere Can Help Provide Life-Saving Nutrition to Children in Crisis. Donate Now and Help Make a Difference!

Why are Feed Children Everywhere helping to solve Problems?

Join Our Movement for a Better Tomorrow: Your Support Can Help Spread Hope, Grace, and Kindness to All. Donate Now and Make a Difference!

Support Minority-Owned Small Businesses

Together We're On A Plan To End Child Hunger.

Donate To Feed Children Everywhere.

Join the Movement: Together, Let's End Child Hunger with Your Donation Today!

Join our mission to fight child hunger and help us provide essential meals and support to over 240,000 hungry children. Your donation will go 5x further to make a real difference in their lives. Give today and multiply your impact!

Ready to Get Involved?

Join a movement to end child hunger with us. Your donation empowers a network of organizations to do amazing work for hungry children. Let’s make a difference together!

Donate today and be a part of the movement to end child hunger. Your contribution can make a difference in the lives of hungry children. Join us now!

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